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In 2020 I began my natural yarn dyeing journey after moving to our 3 acre lifestyle block in the Wairarapa. Having a horticulture training meant that I had the knowledge to collect dye plants, develop dye gardens and also recognise opportunities for foraging. As I have gone deep down this rabbit hole I have enjoyed learning from the experts of the world in this field so I can extend myself and try out new and exciting dye materials.

I am always learning.

The magic of nature

Natural dyeing feels like magic and I am forever being blown away that colour can come from nature but when I think of the ancients, that was what they did.  These traditional practices still continue today in many areas:  India, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South America to name a few.

I believe it is important that I only use dye material that is going to last the distance; that it will be as colour fast and wash fast as any other wool that you purchase.

Best practice is to make sure that you wash your yarn or garment in lukewarm water only, with pH neutral soap ( dish wash detergent) and store your wool out of direct sunshine.

Natural colour is mostly seasonal apart from a couple of dye stuffs that I buy, for example cochineal that is not able to be produced locally.

When I use my dye flowers it may take many hundreds of flowers to have enough for a sweater quantity. I grow the flowers, harvest the flowers, dry the flowers and when I have enough for a dye pot, dye the yarn. It means that what I have for sale is strictly limited so get in fast if you want five skeins or more. Other dye material can be more plentiful.

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I am totally addicted to knitting and knit everywhere and it is a joy knitting with my naturally dyed yarn. Others have used my yarn for crochet and also weaving.

In 202I I participated in the Stephen West shawl knit along for the first time and used my yarn. So many new techniques learnt and I love that.

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